We work with Landlords.

We understand that tenants each have their own preference on service and ISPs. In order to assist with all their unique requirements, your network must enable multiple ISPs with open infrastructure to all technology applications.

Our focus is to assist the landlord by installing an agnostic Open Access network that enables the customers with choice of multiple Service Providers and ISPs.

  • Fibre Line (Data and Voice)
  • WiFi Network (Public WiFi, Private Mall Network)
  • Mobile Network (DAS replacement)
  • Facility Network (BMS, CCTV, Parking systems)

A single network delivering multiple applications and service providers

Multiple ISPs to choose from
5 Working days from order
Change ISP without a new installation
Less duplication and impact on the building
Our process.

Site Survey

Our team will perform a site survey in order to determine the most suitable network deployment for your property.

Detailed Design Plan

A detailed network plan will be drawn up in order to show how the network would be best deployed.


Landlord to approve the detailed design plan in order to proceed with installation.


Fibre Installation begins, Project team assigned, Daily updates on progress.


Fibre Ready, let's get you signed up with your ISP of choice.

Let's Talk

Future proofing buildings together!
We will get in touch with you, setup a suitable time to talk or meet.

Something we've been asked before.

  • How do I place an order?

    If you have an existing ISP, call your account manager and get your Open Fibre order placed today!

    Alternatively you can get instant results with the choice of all ISP offerings on our Portal.

    Enter in your address
    Lets get your details
    Choose your package
    Be up and running in 5 Days
  • There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to connectivity. If you are unsure which line speed you need we recommend meeting with your ISP so that they can assess your business’ needs and recommend the right line speed and package to suit you.

  • If your other branch falls within a live Open Fibre site the process is the same as when you signed up. If we have not yet connected the site in which your branch falls let us know and we will advise whether it is on our current road map or add it if we can.

  • How long will my installation take?

    Installation of the fibre into your business will be completed within 5 working days of your order being placed and will take no longer than four hours on site. Once your fibre has been installed your ISP will complete the installation of their router and any other equipment required and after which you will be up and running. It’s as simple as that!

  • Your monthly invoice will be sent to you by your ISP, this will include the Open Fibre fibre line.

  • Choose the ISP that you prefer from our list of affiliated service providers. If your ISP isn’t there let us know and we will arrange to meet with them.

  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong you can contact your ISPs Support department who will investigate and assist you as the first point of call.