Thank you again for the opportunity to engage with your portfolio and your permission for us to install our fibre infrastructure.

We believe that the successful execution of any of our installations involves the process of educating tenants on what Open Fibre has to offer and to provide tenants with the luxury of having choice when it comes to connectivity.

While your property may currently offer fibre connectivity, tenants may be experiencing the following:

With the above said, we would appreciate the opportunity to educate and empower tenants with the services we offer.

Please can you confirm if you are happy for us to proceed with an Expression of Interest exercise by agreeing to the terms and conditions below.

By accepting, you (“the Landlord/Site Authority”) refer to the discussions and/or meetings held between the representatives of Open Fibre. In order to allow all tenants sufficient opportunity & exposure to Open Fibre’s full product & service range, you, the Landlord/Site Authority, hereby consent to the following (with prior notice & confirmation): That Open Fibre’s duly authorised representatives may engage with all tenants during site trading hours, for the purposes of educating the aforementioned tenants on the fibre network, services and benefits to their business and establishing interest. The implementation & utilization of educational collateral to drive awareness. To direct any & all queries regarding connectivity solutions to Open Fibre ( The consent provided above is provided strictly and solely for purposes of enabling Open Fibre to educate & empower tenants with the opportunities on offer.

Tenant Education